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Project Description

Remote Test Runner is a unit test assistance tool that allows the user to exercise Visual Studio based test classes outside of Visual Studio. RTR reports on Data-Driven tests at the data field level as opposed to the unit test method level. Failed asserts no longer abort a test.

About Remote Test Runner

The Remote Test Runner was created to exercise unit tests outside of Visual Studio. This setup is most appropriate when the unit tests rely an outside resource. In my environment this tends to be outside data. Support for Data-Driven tests were a primary goal. Business stakeholders and testers create and modify the input data and then exercise the tests. Remote Test Runner will report on the results. Detailed data column level results are available when the tests make use of the included Unit Testing helper.


Technical Description
RTR was written in C#. The client is a Click-Once application. The client can automate MSTest calls locally or it can request the backend to perform the MSTest calls. The client communicates to the backend through a WCF service. After a test is executed the MSTest .trx file is interpreted and displayed as a results summary. The Unit Testing helper optionally creates an .xml file for a detailed column level report.

Basic Steps for Getting Started

Local Version
The local running version does not require an installation. You can simply download, unzip and run RTR.exe.

Remote Version
The remote version does require a server setup. See the Detailed Remote Setup for more info.

First Run - Local and Remote
  • On initial load of the client you will need to enter the location of the rtr.xml file. Remote Test Runner allows you to configure a list of Projects and Unit Tests DLLs. This list is stored in the rtr.xml file. For a remote installation make sure this file is to all the users from a network share.
  • Unit Test Projects are added using the Project screen.
  • Unit Test DLLs are added using the Test screen.
  • Run your test and view the results!

Other things

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